Thursday, November 29, 2007


Lincoln Douglas / policy
Where? In school, tournaments, extra curricular activity
Purpose? To get better at debating, fun, good skills later
Better decision? Not necessarily because its all for school and competition
Structured, so it makes it more clear and concise in the decision-making.

Presidential debates
Where? Various places and televised but for the public
Purpose? Candidates tell people their beliefs and argue so people know who to vote for.
Better decision? I think so because people know more about whom they are voting for and can make good decisions
Structured, so time for each candidate is even and equal so people can make good decisions.

Law cases
Where? Court rooms
Purpose? To settle an argument, put blame somewhere
Better decision? Yes because it's equal and equitable
Structured, so it's easy to follow and same for the same types of things

Family problem
Where? At home with family
Purpose? Come to an agreement
Better decision? Yes because each side has it's chance to share
Unstructured because it's different for everyone but it adapts to people and sittuation

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