Thursday, October 25, 2007

final outside reading

riding the bus with my sisterpart 1
The final section of the book included everyone. Melanie one of Beth’s friends and Beth sit and laugh on the bus together for hours. Rachel sees her face in a reflection and sees a look of failure that she once saw on her mothers face after dates. She encourages Rodolpho to try out for a play. Jacob has a friend in the hospital who dies of cancer. Rachel goes on dates with Rick and stats spending more and more time with him she really likes him. In her memory her father marries a very nice professor who is very nice to Beth and her mom divorced the ex-con and is married to someone else. Also when Beth got her first job as an attempt to get her off the couch it got worse and she lied a lot. So they couldn’t handle it anymore and got her a spot in a group home and she started ridding busses. she also got a make over and they get in a large fight because Beth doesn’t appreciate her being around but later she apologizes a lot. And Rachel gets a scrap book from her for Christmas. Then they have another health meeting and Beth runs to catch a bus and tell Rachel the year is over and she can ride the bus but Rachel is sadder then she thought but they both go on their separate ways. And a year and a half later Rachel is getting married and Beth and her are still good sisters.

the sea inside

Post 1
I all together thought the movie was good. It was very sad and interesting. I believe in the right to die in medical cases especially with Ramón. It's your life and I don’t really think anyone else should be able to stop you. And when people have to help you kill your self I just think there should be some paper work so they actually know that it was your decision. I think very highly of those who helped him die because it was his wish and he had been living in the condition so long nothing was likely to happen. But I also understand those closest to him and how they felt because they loved him and had cared for him so long. I think the courts were very not accepting and fair they wouldn’t let Ramón speak and didn’t even try to understand what he was going through before making their decisions.
Post 2
Diving bell and the butterfly and the sea in side were very similar and different. In the sea inside he was able to move his head so he could talk and communicate with others, which is why to me his condition seemed less severe while in diving bell he could only move his one eyelid so he couldn’t eat or speak. He often spoke about food and how people take it for granite and other functions like swallowing your spit or being able to tell people things. Also another thing that is different is that in the sea inside he wanted to die and was fighting for that and in diving bell he died naturally. They both had books written about them but in diving bell he wrote it someone else just translated and in sea inside someone else wrote the book he just provided the information. Both of these stories are also very touching and strike peoples cores.
Post 3
This movie doesn’t have a lot of people in it. All of the relationships are very important to understanding the story. So most of this movie is shot with close ups at eye level to make you feel like you are their. There are to many examples of this to even describe because it happens almost through out all dialog. Sometimes when people are talking to Ramón the camera is shifted downward if the person is standing because Ramón is always in bed and once in a wheelchair. This helps make him seem more hopeless and stresses how he can’t really do anything. Ramón is also perceived as a man with a great heart and the title is the sea inside so while there are shots of the outdoors and the sea they used slow smooth panning and dollying/tracking to convey that mood. Also when there are many characters in a scene they pan around so everyone is included which gives it a very personal mood.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Outside Reading Blog 5 Memoir

Riding the bus with my sister.part 2
so far in the book we have learned a lot about Beth. She is mentally retarded and has an African American boyfriend who bikes a lot and is also mentally retarded. Since she cants sustain a job she spends all of her time riding the city busses ad knows all routs, bus drivers, and most people who ride. After a health meeting that her sister joins her on Rachel agrees to ride for one whole year as often as possible. I thought this was a great idea and it turned out nicely. Rachel got to meet all of the bus drivers and she learns some very important lessons from all of them. The most powerful part of this book t me is the memories of growing up with Beth and how that still ties into life now because she is much like a child. The most powerful memory for me was when her mother got so desperate that she goes out with an ex-con moves in with him kicks the kids out runes away and gets married to him Beth stays along as they run on foot from place to place and in the end he holds her at gun point for a whole night and after that is put on a plane for her safety. This was really sad and made me even sadder because since she is mentally retarded she can’t always process things correctly.

Outside Reading Blog 4 Memoir

Riding the bus with my sister

Part one
“ She shuffles forward in a daze. Her brother and sister are leaving. She does not grasp why, and neither do we. It is all happening too fast.” (pg153) I think this is a really important quote because it ties together a lot of what the book it about. It shows Beth’s inability to comprehend things and a lot of how Beth and Rachel’s relationship has been in the past. She says this when she is going off to boarding school when her mom kicked them out. Her attitude is very sad in this chapter but she tries to be positive for Beth’s sake.
“Cool Beth” this is what Beth signs on everything she sends anyone including Rachel who receives tens of little notes every week. This to me describes and helps me understand Beth who is much like a child with her condition. She dresses in brilliant colors capitalizes random letter and colors like a child to.
Part two
We meet a new bus driver Baily who Beth calls crazy Baily because he’s funny. Baily is a good friend of Beth’s and notices that she needs more variety and responsibilities in life so he lets her go to his house every morning and wake his kids up and make sure they get on the bus. Both him and his wife work early in the morning so it works out nice and Beth likes it too. Rachel also try to get Beth a small job or volunteering but she hates it and would much rather ride busses. Rachel is very optimistic about her sister. Rick stats sending Rachel messages and he likes her so when they meet for the first time Rachel finds herself a bit nervous and they work on a crossword and have a nice conversation. In her memory her mom marries the ex-con and Beth disappears on the honeymoon and Rachel is very worried. Then we meet another bus driver jack and he likes to cook and we learn some valuable lesions and recipes. Jacob is another bus driver and invites Rachel and Beth to the beach with their family and Beth buys a very colorful swimsuit and they have a very nice time. In her memory she is at school and gets a school and faints but her dad comes to get her with Beth and max. Beth, her mother and the x-con have been on the run for a really long time and they wont let her call anyone so she escapes one night and goes to the pay phone but the ex-con finds her and locks the mom out and holds her at gunpoint until morning where the mom put her on a plan for her own safety.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

diving bell and the butterfly

this is late because i was absent sick when it was assigned

I think the diving bell and the butterfly is a very unique book. I have never read a book like it while reading it I was a bit confused because of the lack or plot and such. It was also beautifully written which is so amazingly tedious in my mind I would never have that patients but it does show his state in a way that he has all that time just to think in his mind because he cant move anything but his eye. The other confusion I had with the book was all the hard words, which I probably should have looked up but I usually didn’t so I had a hard time understanding him at times. Also he switched around so much from real life to imagination to memory it was often hard to decipher. The hardest was probably when he was talking about the queen who built the hospital and he was walking with her and then her photo I was very confused. The thing that kind of angered me about the book though was the ending it just stopped so suddenly and with a goodbye that’s just cya. And after I was done I was just like what was that their wasn’t much of a plot but after I liked I'm just yet again confused which could have been his purpose just to make us think about it and think about him and maybe for a tiny bit just dream like he did all day for quite a while.

blog 3 outside reading memior

this is late because i was sick

Part one
1) In her memories her mother starts dating an ex-con who is really rude and nasty and then the kids have to move out and away except for Beth who stays with the mother and ex-con.
Rodolpho is a really nice bus driver but he has to take time off from Beth so he has limits to how much Beth can ride with him. He is similar to a bus driver that Beth was close to in the past but nicer. Henry was a new bus driver and Beth helped him a lot and they became really good friends really fast but after a while he couldn’t handle Beth that much and made up a story that people were complaining and it got really out of hand so they aren’t friends any more.
Rachel gets to go to lunch with Jesse and Beth. In this part we learn a lot more about Jesse he is African American and only has one good eye because his other got seriously damaged as a child. He learned karate to protect himself and loves bicycling.
We also learned about how after Beth met Jesse their whole family and Beth made the decision to have her sterilized so she couldn’t have children.
Rachel also recalls memories about Beth in school and how she often did things to cause her embarrassment.
Bus driver Rick also had a crush on Rachel and Beth liked that idea cause she wanted him a brother in law but it didn’t really work out and Estella another bus driver gave them both some very important information.
Rachel had not known a lot about Beth’s condition and one night goes and looks for information and finds a lot of stuff that help her understand Beth.
2) Rachel Simon has won awards for her books and is a public speaker. The book riding the bus with my sister is her most well know. It was also made into a movie. She is currently working on a book called building a house with my husband. Which should be released in 2009. She is known for her public speaking nationally and is often pulled for an inspirational massage often about disability’s because or her great accomplishments with her sister and her book. ( she was born in New Jersey in 1959 she had one brother and two sisters and had a very difficult childhood. She has also written The Magic Touch Little Nightmares, Little Dreams and The Writer’s Survival Guide. (

Part two
I'm already half way done but I don’t feel like the book has really gone anywhere. She mostly has just been riding the bus with her sister giving information about day-to-day events and information about people with mental disabilities. She has also provided memories about growing up with Beth but they don’t seem that important to me and the stories she tells aren’t that exciting sometimes they do teach a lesion but to me the lesions learned aren’t all that unique or important. This book is very good at describing events and people. The main weakness’ I find though is a lack of plot or rising action I don’t feel like anything great is about to happen or even will. I had a friends with mental disabilities so sometimes I fid similarities between. I often feel bad for Beth because of how people treat her and sometimes I feel bad for people around Beth because sometimes she just doesn’t understand.