Sunday, January 13, 2008

outside reading #7 blink

part a
sit·com pg 212
n. Informal
A situation comedy

con·ven·tion pg 243
1. a meeting or formal assembly, as of representatives or delegates, for discussion of and action on particular matters of common concern.
2. U.S. Politics. a representative party assembly to nominate candidates and adopt platforms and party rules.
3. an agreement, compact, or contract.
4. an international agreement, esp. one dealing with a specific matter, as postal service or copyright.
5. a rule, method, or practice established by usage; custom: the convention of showing north at the top of a map.
6. general agreement or consent; accepted usage, esp. as a standard of procedure.
7. conventionalism.
8. Bridge. any of a variety of established systems or methods of bidding or playing that allows partners to convey certain information about their hands
part b
in the ending of the book they bring up one final example of the whole point of the book. The audition for the royal opera of turin was held with a screen so you could only hear them, a women Abbie was chosen above all they expected a man and when a woman was chosen they were surprised because the trombone is a masculine instrument but she passes with flying colors all the tests and after a while had became second chair but they refused to make her first because a leader couldn’t be a women so she pressed charges and won and proved though other blind test that she was the best player. to me this wasnt the best example in the book butit was a strong one to end on that made you think alot about how sterotypes effect what you think about someone and how much that can effect their life.

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