Sunday, September 30, 2007

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Riding The Bus With My Sister
Loaded words
Selfish pg. 49- this has a negative reaction to me. Mostly negative because people who are selfish don’t think of others so are most of the times not very nice or pleasurable to be around.
Demanding pg. 51-this has a mostly negative reaction for me. It’s not all negative because sometimes when people are demanding it’s a good thing. But sometimes its bad so that’s why it’s negative because demanding can be annoying.
Hippie pg. 54-this has a positive reaction for me. It's positive because in my mind hippie are radical or liberal and fight for what they want and they fight for a lot of my values.
Donor pg.57-this has a positive reaction for me because donors save peoples lives and are selfless and I think that a good value to uphold.
Purity pg. 59-this also has a positive response for me because it makes me think of clean or pure water, which is good, but when talking about something’s it could be bad because pure isn’t always interesting.
Bullheadedness pg. 66-has a mostly negative reaction to me because it means stubborn and when people are stubborn to me it bugs me but I myself am stubborn so it's fine for me
Feistiness pg.67-a negative response because it means ill tempered which isn’t good
Mentally retarded pg.70-negotive but not because someone like that just because of how it's worded it's nicer then some other terms but just doesn’t have a good vibe with it
Afflicted pg. 77-negative just because it's in my mind is probably linked with something bad
Agitated pg. 79- negative because it's like irritated which is annoying and I don’t like to be agitated
Jacob is the bus driver we meat in this section and he is also friendly. There are children on this bus and Beth plays with them because she is much like a child. Jacob tells a story about how he once almost died but was saved by a liver transplant just in time and he also was in a coma and his heart stopped for a minute and after that he stopped his alcohol problems and appreciates life much more. They also search for a bathroom and Beth knows them all and she also has a great instinct for whom to trust.
In her memory her father leaves then and they get a dog and her mom tries to get over it but her mom is very sad and cries a lot Rachel and her sister Laura also go around the neighborhood to collect money for their moms present and lie to people saying it's for charity but they decide to stop.

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