Wednesday, September 5, 2007

goal for sophmore year and the thing im most anxiouse about at EHS

I have a variety of goals that I would like to achieve at EHS. Some socially and some academically, both are very important to me but most of all I would like to have an excellent time at EHS. So within that I have to achieve my goals of maintaining good grades, learning valuable information, meeting new friends and keeping old friends, having a variety of friends, and also having a nice mix of extra curricular activities. And if I can do all that I think I will have a great time at EHS with few regrets.

The thing that I am most anxious about a EHS is my cheerleading. I am on the comp cheer team and it’s a very demanding sport and I’ve never done before so it’s a kind of a mystery of how it’s going to turn out. Also part of my anxiety has to deal with the stress of school and such a strenuous sport, I’m curious to know how I’m going to deal with it as well as afraid that I wont be able to do both. Another part of my anxiety is excitement though because last year our team placed 11th in the nation so I hope we are just as lucky this year.

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