Friday, October 19, 2007

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Riding the bus with my sister.part 2
so far in the book we have learned a lot about Beth. She is mentally retarded and has an African American boyfriend who bikes a lot and is also mentally retarded. Since she cants sustain a job she spends all of her time riding the city busses ad knows all routs, bus drivers, and most people who ride. After a health meeting that her sister joins her on Rachel agrees to ride for one whole year as often as possible. I thought this was a great idea and it turned out nicely. Rachel got to meet all of the bus drivers and she learns some very important lessons from all of them. The most powerful part of this book t me is the memories of growing up with Beth and how that still ties into life now because she is much like a child. The most powerful memory for me was when her mother got so desperate that she goes out with an ex-con moves in with him kicks the kids out runes away and gets married to him Beth stays along as they run on foot from place to place and in the end he holds her at gun point for a whole night and after that is put on a plane for her safety. This was really sad and made me even sadder because since she is mentally retarded she can’t always process things correctly.

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Kelseys blog for school? said...

allison- So basically this whole summary is super intence and also sad. I feel really bad for the girl who is disabled. You have inspired me to read this book (but we will have to see how that works out.) One sugestion I have to maybe improve your summary is to go a little more in depth with it! But it basically was fabulous.