Thursday, October 25, 2007

the sea inside

Post 1
I all together thought the movie was good. It was very sad and interesting. I believe in the right to die in medical cases especially with Ramón. It's your life and I don’t really think anyone else should be able to stop you. And when people have to help you kill your self I just think there should be some paper work so they actually know that it was your decision. I think very highly of those who helped him die because it was his wish and he had been living in the condition so long nothing was likely to happen. But I also understand those closest to him and how they felt because they loved him and had cared for him so long. I think the courts were very not accepting and fair they wouldn’t let Ramón speak and didn’t even try to understand what he was going through before making their decisions.
Post 2
Diving bell and the butterfly and the sea in side were very similar and different. In the sea inside he was able to move his head so he could talk and communicate with others, which is why to me his condition seemed less severe while in diving bell he could only move his one eyelid so he couldn’t eat or speak. He often spoke about food and how people take it for granite and other functions like swallowing your spit or being able to tell people things. Also another thing that is different is that in the sea inside he wanted to die and was fighting for that and in diving bell he died naturally. They both had books written about them but in diving bell he wrote it someone else just translated and in sea inside someone else wrote the book he just provided the information. Both of these stories are also very touching and strike peoples cores.
Post 3
This movie doesn’t have a lot of people in it. All of the relationships are very important to understanding the story. So most of this movie is shot with close ups at eye level to make you feel like you are their. There are to many examples of this to even describe because it happens almost through out all dialog. Sometimes when people are talking to Ramón the camera is shifted downward if the person is standing because Ramón is always in bed and once in a wheelchair. This helps make him seem more hopeless and stresses how he can’t really do anything. Ramón is also perceived as a man with a great heart and the title is the sea inside so while there are shots of the outdoors and the sea they used slow smooth panning and dollying/tracking to convey that mood. Also when there are many characters in a scene they pan around so everyone is included which gives it a very personal mood.

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