Thursday, October 25, 2007

final outside reading

riding the bus with my sisterpart 1
The final section of the book included everyone. Melanie one of Beth’s friends and Beth sit and laugh on the bus together for hours. Rachel sees her face in a reflection and sees a look of failure that she once saw on her mothers face after dates. She encourages Rodolpho to try out for a play. Jacob has a friend in the hospital who dies of cancer. Rachel goes on dates with Rick and stats spending more and more time with him she really likes him. In her memory her father marries a very nice professor who is very nice to Beth and her mom divorced the ex-con and is married to someone else. Also when Beth got her first job as an attempt to get her off the couch it got worse and she lied a lot. So they couldn’t handle it anymore and got her a spot in a group home and she started ridding busses. she also got a make over and they get in a large fight because Beth doesn’t appreciate her being around but later she apologizes a lot. And Rachel gets a scrap book from her for Christmas. Then they have another health meeting and Beth runs to catch a bus and tell Rachel the year is over and she can ride the bus but Rachel is sadder then she thought but they both go on their separate ways. And a year and a half later Rachel is getting married and Beth and her are still good sisters.

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Taylor S. said...

This book seems really interesting but, a little sad. I might like to read it in the future!