Wednesday, October 10, 2007

diving bell and the butterfly

this is late because i was absent sick when it was assigned

I think the diving bell and the butterfly is a very unique book. I have never read a book like it while reading it I was a bit confused because of the lack or plot and such. It was also beautifully written which is so amazingly tedious in my mind I would never have that patients but it does show his state in a way that he has all that time just to think in his mind because he cant move anything but his eye. The other confusion I had with the book was all the hard words, which I probably should have looked up but I usually didn’t so I had a hard time understanding him at times. Also he switched around so much from real life to imagination to memory it was often hard to decipher. The hardest was probably when he was talking about the queen who built the hospital and he was walking with her and then her photo I was very confused. The thing that kind of angered me about the book though was the ending it just stopped so suddenly and with a goodbye that’s just cya. And after I was done I was just like what was that their wasn’t much of a plot but after I liked I'm just yet again confused which could have been his purpose just to make us think about it and think about him and maybe for a tiny bit just dream like he did all day for quite a while.

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